Oil Free  Vegan Strawberry Cake

This soft and moist Vegan Strawberry Cake (Oil Free) is a delectable family dessert made with fresh ingredients and is bursting with flavors. A delicious summer treat for all ages.

Firstly, I cooked strawberries with sugar and vanilla extract. Next, I blended it in a blender and set it aside.

Secondly, I combined all the dry ingredients ( oat flour, almond flour, cornstarch, baking powder, baking soda, sugar and salt)in a large mixing bowl and mixed it thoroughly.

Thereafter, I folded in the wet ingredients (blended strawberries) into the dry ingredients (Flour mixture) and whipped up the batter.

Immediately, I poured the batter into two 8-inch cake pans and placed them in a pre-heated oven and baked them for 30 minutes.

In the meanwhile, I blended the frosting ingredients in a blender and then folded in some more chopped strawberries to it. Immediately, I refrigerated it until I was ready to use it.

Then, I released both the cakes from these pans and started frosting on one of them. Followed by another layer of cake and then, I covered the entire cake with the frosting.

Lastly, in a nonstick pan I cooked the strawberry toppings and once cooled I topped the cake with it.