Vegan Pizza  Rolls

I heated vegetable broth in a nonstick pan and sauteed vegetables in it.

Next, I added tomato puree and cooked again.

Thereafter, I mixed in all the herbs along with salt and pepper.

Lastly, I cooked it at medium flame for few minutes until it was thick and slightly dry. Then, I removed it from the flame and kept it aside.

Next, I poured the water into the flour mixture and formed a tight and smooth dough.  Then, I covered it with a kitchen towel and kept it aside for 45 minutes in warm place for it to rise.

In this step, I rolled the dough into flat oblong shape with a rolling pin and spread the stuffing all over it with a spoon. Then, I sprinkled vegan mozzarella cheese over it.

Next, I made a large roll starting at one end and making sure to roll all the way to the other end.

Thereafter, with a sharp knife I discarded the edges and sliced it into 9 rolls.

Afterwards, I placed each roll on the prepared baking pan and baked it at 400-degree Fahrenheit for 25 minutes.