These healthy Spinach Banana Pancakes are made in a blender with no added sugar and no oil. Its nut free, freezer friendly and perfect for toddlers or school kids. These are soft, moist and fluffy that makes a perfect breakfast option for all ages.

In a blender combine all the pancake ingredients ( bananas, spinach, oats, oat milk, vanilla, hempseeds, chia seeds, baking powder and salt).

Blend it smooth until thick and creamy. ( it takes about 4-5 minutes).

Heat a nonstick pan. Measure ¼ cup heaped batter and pour it at the center of the warm pan. Let it cook at medium flame until the bubbles form at its top and the edges starts to dry. With a flat spatula gently flip it over and cook again until golden in color.

Gently take it out with the flat spatula and place it on the serving plate.

Enjoy this family friendly breakfast recipe!