This Indian style Masala Pasta is heavenly in taste and lip-smacking comforting. It’s an easy flavor packed kid friendly dish. It’s the best weeknight dinner or a great lunchbox meal.

Pasta Olive oil Garlic Onion Vegetables Nutritional yeast/parmesan cheese Vegan or regular cheddar cheese Turmeric Chili powder Coriander powder Garam masala Salt Cilantro

I heated oil in a nonstick pan and sautéed onions with garlic until translucent.  Next, I added the bell peppers and sautéed again for 2 minutes.

Thereafter, I added the rest of the veggies and mixed it well. I let it cook for some time but I did not let them be mushy.

Afterwards, I folded in nutritional yeast and vegan cheddar cheese in it and mixed until the cheese was thoroughly melted.

Then, I added all the spices and mixed it well.

Later, I added pasta water and tossed in cooked pasta along with some salt as per taste.

Lastly, I turned off the flame and mixed it well and garnished it with lots of chopped cilantro.