Broccoli Florets Cornstarch Low sodium soy sauce Sriracha sauce Dried garlic Ginger powder Crushed black pepper Maple syrup Sesame oil Raw cashew nuts White sesame seeds

Firstly, I blanched broccoli florets. This helps in better digestion and cuts out the raw taste of this vegetable. Thereby making it more palatable. Therefore, I simply let it stand for 2 minutes in hot boiling water.

Thereafter, in a mixing bowl I combined some cornstarch and broccoli florets and mixed them with a spatula until each floret was well coated. Further, I kept it aside until ready to use.

Afterwards, I combined all the sauces and seasonings in a mixing bowl and whisked it thoroughly.

Next, I heated sesame oil in a wok and sautéed cashew nuts until golden.

Then, I sautéed the prepared broccoli florets in it until well coated with oil.

Later, I poured the spicy sauce mixture and mixed all the ingredients well. Garnished with sesame seeds.

Enjoy this healthy and beautiful vegan entrée