Nutritional yeast Garlic powder Onion powder Oregano Paprika Salt Olive oil Carrots

These crispy Air Fryer Carrots are seasoned flavorfully and perfectly roasted. Its an easy one bowl side dish which can be used as a salad topping. This vegan recipe is healthy and beautiful to present with deliciously sweet and savory flavors.

In a mixing bowl combine nutritional yeast, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika oregano, salt and mix it with a spoon. Then add oil and mix it well until its crumbly.

Wash the carrots and peel them with a peeler. Then chop them into 3-4 big pieces horizontally. Toss the carrots in the marinate and mix well until each carrot pieces are well coated.

Place them in the air fryer basket. Grease them with a cooking spray and attach the basket to the air fryer. Turn it on at 350for 20 minutes. Once done turn if off and take it out.

Garnish with more garlic powder and fresh cilantro. Serve immediately.